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Open References

Ashley with a colleague at her Flowood Library

Bill Larsen-Ruffin, Reference Coordinator at St. Tammany Parish Library

Ashley is a very good general Reference Librarian and an even better Genealogy Librarian. She understands the needs of her specialized clientele and does an excellent job of helping them meet those needs, especially given the budgetary and physical space constraints under which she works. Whether providing introductory or advanced training, group programs, or purchasing equipment and genealogical resources, Ashley does so very effectively.  

Alana Miles, Marketing Director at TELCO Credit Union

 I have had the privilege of working with Ashley on several projects. We were originally acquainted through the Flowood Chamber of Commerce and I was very impressed with her creativity, her dedication to her position, and her commitment to the community. She has demonstrated a true passion for her job as the Branch Manager of the Flowood Library, and her concern for her coworkers and patrons is inspiring. She works tirelessly to ensure that the programs and events are successful and she even contributes her own resources to promote and benefit the Library. This is very rare and commendable, I believe. Ashley is a team player in every sense of the word and her attention to detail is spot on. She is certainly an asset to the Library and the Flowood community, and anyone who has the good fortune to work with her would agree that she is a delightful person and decidedly looks on the bright side of any situation. It is this optimism and positive attitude that I believe will assure her success in any venture she chooses to undertake. 

Richard Brower, Media/Reference Librarian, Gold Coast Public Library

 If public libraries are to survive through the 21st century and beyond - and I believe that is very much an open question - then it will take librarians who are both skilled and at ease with the emerging technologies that have transformed and will continue to transform the field and who also have a passion for public service and the dissemination of knowledge. Ashley Biggs has those qualities, as well as other unique gifts, and would be a valuable addition to any library or archival organization. 

John Bosco, Director, Wantagh Public Library (Ret.)

 Ashley was a student of mine at a course taken at Long Island University School of Library Science. I was amazed at her native intelligence and acumen concerning all aspects of the course. Knowing her professionally in subsequent jobs in the library science field as a librarian and archivist, she has demonstrated incredible loyalty, depth of knowledge, and competency in all her endeavors. I would not hesitate in recommending Ashley for any presumptive job she might apply too. She is a special woman of high integrity and dedication not often seen in the job market today. 

Paul Dabbs, V. P. Services, C. F. Biggs Co., Inc.

 Ashley is one of the nicest people on the planet! Her persistently positive and joyful personality would be an asset to any organization.